Can You Use 3 12 Volts Batteries In A Golf Cart?

Can You Use 3 12 Volts Batteries In A Golf Cart

A lot depends on the battery. If their needs aren’t met, you either risk having inconsistent and unreliable performance that leads to sudden shutdowns or loss of power that can affect the cart’s usability and safety. So one of the questions many golfers are aching to answer is whether ‘can you use 3 12 volts … Read more

Guo Motors Price List 2023 Updated

Guo Motors Price List

If you wish to travel via GuoTransport, you ought to check out our current Guo Motors price list 2023.  This list will tell you every price tag on the intercity bus services with the company. We also touched on the available GUO Transport terminal locations in each city and more.  Finally, I will show you … Read more

Current PS5 Price In Nigeria

PS5 Price In Nigeria

Since the emergence of the PS5, the PlayStation 4 has dwindled from most gamers’ minds.   ALMOST every gamer wants a PS5 now!  It has significantly improved hardware, graphics, and resolution with ray tracing technology that gives more realism to games.  Hence, if you are in the market for a PS5 for your regular consumption or … Read more

Current Deep Freezer Price In Nigeria

Deep Freezer Price In Nigeria

Do you have a fairly large family and prefer cooking large batches of meals to freezing them for later consumption?  If so, a deep freezer would be incredibly helpful.  It provides enormous storage space for frozen food items and is known for quickly freezing things and maintaining lower temperatures longer than standard refrigerator freezers.  So, … Read more

Current Medium Generator Price In Nigeria

Medium Generator Price In Nigeria

Medium-sized generators are the best of both worlds — portability with tremendous power output, yet they are affordable.  And since the erratic power supply in Nigeria isn’t stopping anytime soon, they remain the most sought-after gen.  So this article gives you a drop-down of medium generator price in Nigeria –should you be looking forward to … Read more

Current Air Conditioner Prices In Nigeria

Air Conditioner Prices In Nigeria

With the current rise of electronic devices, the market has become unpredictable.  Nothing is as it seems. The price today might not be the price tomorrow. People are more inclined than ever to research the product and its price before heading to the market. So, if you want an air conditioner in your apartment (whether window, … Read more

9 Cheapest Infinix Phones In Nigeria

Cheapest Infinix Phones In Nigeria

Infinix phones are one of the most affordable phones, yet they are feature-rich and always catch up with design trends.  But this article is different. We will discuss the cheapest Infinix phones in Nigeria you can buy in today’s market. Funnily enough, these devices aren’t pushovers.  They set a stiff competition for other phones within … Read more

Glo Monthly Data Plan Price Codes

Glo Monthly Data Plan Price Codes

Glo has long been crowned the Grand Master Of Data. And that is because they offer customers a stupid amount of data for half the price of other networks.  And to this day, they are still dashing data like Father Christmas on Xmas days.  Although many complain, it doesn’t last long enough. But that is … Read more

Current Digital Camera Prices In Nigeria

Digital Camera Prices In Nigeria

Most people would rather take photos with a digital camera if they have one at their disposal. That is because they are specifically designed for that, so you should expect good shots.   However, many still buy into the preconceived notion that you must break the bank to get one.  But this list proves otherwise. Many … Read more

Train Schedule From Lagos To Ibadan

Train Schedule From Lagos To Ibadan

If you want to board a train from Lagos to Ibadan, there are two things you MUST know:  First, the train schedule and the pricing.  You definitely do not want to miss out on your train or get thrown out for insufficient funds.  Hence, we won’t only talk about the train schedule from Lagos to … Read more

Current Coldstone Ice Cream Prices In Nigeria

Coldstone Ice Cream Prices In Nigeria

Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream is a rare make you can’t help but drool over. Their signature creations are expertly crafted with the best of flavors and mix-ins.  And the fact you can customize it to your taste with a couple of fresh fruits, nuts, syrups, and even candy is why their outlets are ALWAYS buzzing.  … Read more

Current Dulux Paint Price In Nigeria

Dulux Paint Price In Nigeria

If you want to revamp your home with some fresh lick of Dulux paint, this article is for you.  We covered everything from Dulux paint price in Nigeria to the types and why you should actually use this brand.  Our table below outlined varying levels of shine, and sizes, along with their price tag, so … Read more

Current Gig Logistics Price List In Nigeria

Gig Logistics Price List In Nigeria

Whenever we want to haulage a product within or outside the country, Gig logistics is ALWAYS the go-to option —probably because they are the biggest and leading logistics service provider in Africa. If this is your first time using them, you might not be too familiar with their pricing.  The good news is: they are … Read more

Current Tricycle Price In Nigeria

Tricycle Price In Nigeria

We both know it as Keke Napep, while the Oyinbo name is Tricycle. It is a trendy means of transportation, especially on the local side of the BIG cities.  And if you plan on putting one on the road, maybe as an investment, you might be curious to know the tricycle price in Nigeria.  Well, … Read more

Current Ladies Bike Price In Nigeria

Ladies Bike Price In Nigeria

 While most States in Nigeria have stopped motorcycles operation along its major cities and roads to promote safety, you can still be rocking your lady’s bike if you live in rural areas. I really want to put this out there first, as most people may think it might be putting a damper on their plans.  … Read more