Guo Motors Price List 2023 Updated

If you wish to travel via GuoTransport, you ought to check out our current Guo Motors price list 2023. 

This list will tell you every price tag on the intercity bus services with the company. We also touched on the available GUO Transport terminal locations in each city and more. 

Finally, I will show you how to book your tickets online beforehand to ease the traveling process. 

Undoubtedly, It is an exhaustive list, but we did our utmost to keep things simple.

Guo Motors Price List 2023

Guo Motors has an extensive network of routes that covers many major cities across Nigeria, a fleet of modern buses with varying levels of comfort, and they are reliable. 

And here is their price list.

Jibowu to EkwulobiaAdult: ₦12,350Child: ₦9,750
Jibowu to AbaAdult: ₦10,925Child: ₦8,625
Jibowu to AbujaAdult: ₦11,400Child: ₦9,000
Jibowu to UmuahiaAdult: ₦10,925Child: ₦8,625
Jibowu to EnuguAdult: ₦12,825Child: ₦10,125
Jibowu to OwerriAdult: ₦12,825Child: ₦10,125
Jibowu to Port HarcourtAdult: ₦10,925Child: ₦8,625
Jibowu to UmunzeAdult: ₦9,500Child: ₦7,500
Jibowu to OgojaAdult: ₦11,400Child: ₦9,000
Ajah to AbaAdult: ₦10,925Child: ₦8,625
Ajah to AbakaliliAdult: ₦10,450Child: ₦8,250
Ajah to AbujaAdult: ₦12,825Child: ₦10,125
Ajah to Umuahia – MbaiseAdult: ₦10,925Child: ₦8,625
Ajah to OwerriAdult: ₦10,450Child: ₦8,250
Ajah to EnuguAdult: ₦10,450Child: ₦8,250
Umuahia to Lagos (Ajah)Adult: ₦9,975Child: ₦7,875
Awka to AbujaAdult: ₦9,025Child: ₦7,125
Asaba to Lagos (Coker)Adult: ₦8,075Child: ₦6,375
Asaba to Lagos (Iyana-Ipaja)Adult: ₦8,075Child: ₦6,375
Asaba to Lagos (Ajah)Adult: ₦8,075Child: ₦6,375
Abakaliki to Lagos (Ajah)Adult: ₦10,450Child: ₦8,250
Ejigbo to UmuahiaAdult: ₦9,025Child: ₦7,125
Ejigbo to UmunzeAdult: ₦8,075Child: ₦6,375
Ejigbo to OgojaAdult: ₦10,450Child: ₦8,250
Ejigbo to AbakalikiAdult: ₦8,550Child: ₦6,750
Ejigbo to AbaAdult: ₦9,500Child: ₦7,500
Port Harcourt to Lagos (Ajah)Adult: ₦10,450Child: ₦8,250
Port Harcourt to AbujaAdult: ₦12,350Child: ₦9,750
Utako to AbaAdult: ₦11,875Child: ₦9,375
Utako to Lagos (Ajah)Adult: ₦11,875Child: ₦9,375
Utako to Port HarcourtAdult: ₦11,875Child: ₦9,375
Enugu to Lagos (Ajah)Adult: ₦10,070Child: ₦7,950
Enugu to AbujaAdult: ₦9,120Child: ₦7,200

So that is the complete Guo Motors Price List 2023.

But bear in mind these prices can change over time, maybe due to high demand, and adjustment of company policies, or seasonal celebrations. 

Having said that, you can check the price on their mobile app or via their website. The prices uploaded there are always up-to-date. 

GUO Transport Terminal Location

Guo Transport has their outlet in each of their states. You can also locate them with the address below:


Location: Okia Mortuary Road, by Kaneshi R/About

Contact: +233240565854


Location: No. 25, Milverton Avenue, Aba

Contact: 08075090629


Location: No. 15, Afikpo Road, Abakaliki.

Contact: 08075090650

Agege Lagos

Location: No 3, Agunbiade Oke-koto Street

Contact: 08075090686

Ajah, Lagos

Location: Epe – Expressway KM 22, by Abraham Adesanya Est. Junction, Ajah

Contact: 08075090656

Akokwa, Imo

Location: No. 10, Orlu Road, by Akokwa Roundabout

Contact: 09053820358

Alaba, Lagos

Location: No. 29, Ojo Ebegbede Road, Alaba International Mkt, Alaba

Contact: 08075090685

Asaba, Delta

Location: Onitsha Expressway by Head-Bridge, Asaba

Contact: 08113849230

Awka, Anambra

Location: St. Michael Shopping Plaza, Awka-Onitsha Enugu Expressway

Contact: 08075090642


Location: Awkuzu junction

Contact: 07035227941

Bauchi, Bauchi

Location: Maiduguri bypass, Plaza Hotel, Bauchi.

Contact: 08076092462

Cele (Okota Rd), Lagos

Location: 164, Okota Road, Lagos

Contact: 08075090634

Coker, Lagos

Location: Wema Bank Bus Stop, No. 36 Opere Street 

Contact: 08117000391

Ejibo, Lagos

Location: 67A, Ikotun-Egbe Road Ejigbo.

Contact: 08117000390

Ekulobia, Anambra

Location: No. 7, Awka Road, Ekwulobia.

Contact: 08175090687

Enugu, Enugu

Location: By Holy Ghost Cathedral, No. 3, Market Road 

Contact: 08075090636

Gombe, Gombe

Location: No. 1, Church Road, Gombe

Contact: 08075090652

Iba, Lagos

Location: No. 1, Ipaye Street, Iba, Lagos

Contact: 08075090649

Ibadan, Oyo

Location: Samonda/Opp Emmanuel Theology College

Contact: 08075090641

Iddo, Lagos

Location: No 7, Railway Compound (Opp. Police Barracks) Otto Bus Stop.

Contact: 08037262521

Ihiala, Imo

Location: By Patigian Hotels Ltd, No. 42, Osha Owerri Road 

Contact: 08075096032

Ikotun, Lagos

Location: No. 10 Ijegun road, Ikotun

Contact: 08075090639

Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos

Location: No. 167, Abeokuta Expressway by Iyana Ipaja bus stop, Alimosho LGA

Contact: 08150647906

Jalingo, Taraba

Location: Along Mile 6, Opp. Coca-Cola Depot, Yola Road.

Contact: 08113790580

Jibowu, Lagos

Location: Along ikorodu express, No. 2 Jibowu street 

Contact: 08075090682

Jos, Plateau

Location: Old Railway, Jos

Contact: 08075090654

Kaduna, Kaduna

Location: Television Park, Kaduna

Contact: 08075090647

Kano, Kano

Location: No. 14, New Road, Sabongari

Contact: 08075090646

Kubwa, Abuja

Location: Plot No. 132 Gado Nasko Road, Lora Mall Plaza, Phase 2 Kubwa

Contact: 08075093156

Maiduguri, Borno

Location: Kano Station Park.

Contact: 08075090644

Maraba, Nassarawa

Location: Along Abuja-Keffi Exp. Mararaba Suite 9, Bomma Plaza 

Contact: 09096450710

Maza-Maza, Lagos

Location: 1st Gate B/Stop Lagos-Badagry Express Way

Contact: 08075090683

Nnewi, Anambra

Location: 2, Ibeto Road, Opp.First Bank, Nnewi

Contact: 08075090684

Obollo Afor, Enugu

Location: Obollo-Afor Markudi Exp. Way

Contact: 08038047001

Ogoja, Cross-River

Location: Mh 113 Hospital Road, Beside EcoBank plc, Igoli

Contact: 09053820341

Onitsha, Anambra

Location: 166, Port Harcourt Rd, Upper Iweka

Contact: 08075090618

Orlu, Imo

Location: Amaifeke – Orlu Park, Opp. Olu LGA council office

Contact: 09053820348

Owerri, Imo

Location: 15, Egbu Road, Owerri

Contact: 08037758761

Port Harcourt, Rivers

Location: 224/5, Port Harcourt/Aba Road, by Bori Camp Bus stop.

Contact: 08150647900

Sokoto, Sokoto

Location: Central motor park, Sokoto.

Contact: 08052772082

Trade Fair, Lagos

Location: First Entrance/First Gate of International Trade Fair Complex.

Contact: 08075090638

Umuahia, Abia

Location: Uhia General Park

Contact: 08113790584

Umuaka, Imo

Location: Afor Umuaka R/About,  6 Orlu Owerri Road, Njaba LGA

Contact: 09053820351

Umunze, Anambra

Location: Round About, Umunze

Contact: 08076092468

Utako, Abuja

Location: Utako District Plot171, Ekukinam Street, Gouba Plaza

Contact: 08075090643

Warri, Delta

Location: 162 Effuru/Sapele Road

Contact: 08075090627

Yola, Adamawa

Location: Jendutu Park, Yola.

Contact: 08075090653

Zaria, Kaduna

Location: Yankarife Luxury pack, Sabon-gari

Contact: 08034973607

Zuba, Abuja

Location: Lagos Park, Zuba, Abuja.

Contact: 08039154448


So if you buy your ticket online, you should do this. 

First, follow this URL: https://guotransport.com/booking.

Fill in your details and hit the “book” button.

The next page comprises the available buses and the information needed for each. 

You must put in your full name, email, phone number, date of birth, gender, and next of kin details.

Then, agree to the Terms and Conditions before hitting the “Process Transaction” button after filling out the payment details and clicking on Pay to seal your booking.

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