Which Satellite Does DSTV Nigeria Use?

Over the years, DSTV Nigeria has been Nigeria’s major satellite pay-tv provider. DSTV Nigeria’s bouquet of channels includes entertainment channels, sports channels, discovery channels, news & information channels, documentary channels, etc. The contents of these DSTV channels get to its subscribers in Nigeria via satellite broadcast.

This means you will get to watch any of their channels in any part of Nigeria as long as you have the dish. Now the question is: which satellite does DSTV Nigeria use? For curious minds that want to get an answer to this question, this article has been written for you. You’ll get a detailed answer below.

Which Satellite Does DSTV Nigeria Use?

DSTV Nigeria uses the Eutelsat W4 satellite at a position of 36.1 degrees East.

DSTV (which stand for Digital Satellite Television) is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite pay-TV owned by MultiChoice. The service was launched in South Africa in 1995 to provide multiple channels and services to its subscribers. DStv was brought to Nigeria in 1996 through a joint venture that was formed between MultiChoice and a Nigerian businessman who is also a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Adewunmi Ogunsanya.

Since DStv came to Nigeria, it has been improving its services and adding more channels. Today, DStv Nigeria is the number one provider of wide arrays of premium pay-tv contents in the country through it general entertainment, discovery, news, information, sports, documentary, education, and other channels.

Below are some of the bouquets or packages available on DStv Nigeria:

  • DStv Free-To-Air: As the name implies, this basic package only allows clear viewing of the free-to-air channels on DStv.
  • DStv Access: The is a low-end package that grants subscribers access to movies, cartoons, reality, sports update, local music, religion, and audio channels.
  • DStv Family: Going by the name, DStv Family is a family-orientated package with selected channels suitable for the entertainment a complete family.
  • DStv Compact: This is a mid-range tier package from DStv.
  • DStv Compact Plus: Subscribers get access to a wider choice of live channels, including sports channels. This is a popular package for football lovers who love watching live UEFA Champions League and EPL actions.
  • DStv Premium: Like the name implies, this is the high-end tier of DStv packages. On DStv Premium, subscribers have access to premiere episodes of international HBO series on M-Net, watch newly released movies and listen to newly released music, and view live UEFA Champions League and EPL actions.

DStv Nigeria broadcast its services for these packages to its Nigerian viewers using the Eutelsat W4 satellite at a position of 36.1 degree East.

Which direction must DStv dish face?

To get the strongest signal level, MultiChoice recommends that when setting up your DStv dish, you should ensure your dish is aligned in the eastward direction.

How can I increase DStv signal strength?

To increase the signal strength of your DStv, here are the steps to take:

  • Check the F-type connectors

Check to see that the F-type connectors are correctly connected on the LNB and at the back of the decoder. If it’s incorrectly connected, it will affect your DStv signal strength.

  • Correct the LNB alignment

Ensure your LNB is aligned correctly at a skew angle relative to the signal’s polarity, your local position, and the the selected, specific satellite.

  • Adjust the alignment of the satellite dish

You can properly align your satellite dish by adjusting both the horizontal and elevation angle.

  • Replace a faulty LNB

If the LNB in your satellite dish is faulty, you have to replace it. Faulty LNB can also result in poor signal.

  • Move your satellite dish

When there are obstructions where your DStv dish is mounted it can result in a decrease of signal strength. You will need to move your DStv dish to a better place to get  increased signal strength.

  • Prune trees or better still cut down trees that may obstruct the signal.

What is LNB on DStv?

LNB stands for low-noise block down converter. It is a component that is in use in all DStv satellite installations. The LNB is the receiving “arm” that you can actually see mounted on your DStv dish. It’s major function is to collect radio waves from the dish and convert them into a signal that your decoder can understand.

Why does DStv lose signal?

Here are some of the most common reasons you see “no signal” on your DStv: bad weather conditions, nonaligned dish, faulty LNB, loose wires, and wrong decoder settings. In the case of incorrect settings, you can correct it by reverting to the factory settings of the decoder.

Is DStv digital or analog?

DStv is digital. As long as subscribers have the satellite dish installed, it’s designed and programmed to receive digital signals.

Does DStv have a satellite?

Yes, DStv has a satellite. DStv makes use of satellite broadcast to provide its subscribers with entertaining content in many African countries.


DStv has established itself as the foremost pay-tv service provider in Nigeria. It offers a plethora of channels on its different packages to subscribers in Nigeria. DStv Nigeria broadcast its contents using the Eutelsat W4 satellite at a position of 36.1 degree East.

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